Psychostimulants addiction program is a completely safe, painless and medically proven procedure which will clean your body from any signs of these substances. It will also cure you from psychostimulants addiction once and for all. Taken in small quantities (up to 100 mg), psychostimulants provoke a feeling of euphoria, energy and talkativeness, as well as perception changes. It can also decrease temporarily the need for food and sleep. Some users find that drug helps help them to carry out simple physical and intellectual tasks faster, while others may experience the opposite effect.

The first and most important phase of treatment. The essence of diagnosis is to assess the physical and mental condition of the patient. In order to assess the physical condition of the patient, the standard diagnosis examination includes: urine test, tests for hepatitis B and C. As well as for HIV infection, general analysis of blood, biochemical blood test, ECG, examination by the internist doctor. In order to assess the mental state of the patient, a standard diagnosis examination includes psycho-diagnosis. Psychological tests are going to determine the level of dependence, the extent to which the use of cocaine has affected the mental health and whether there are signs of mental disturbance. They can also indicate whether depression is present and what is the degree of motivation for rehabilitation and self-criticism.

After diagnostics, the results are examined by a team of doctors, in order to develop a treatment strategy and plan. In the case that the diagnosis reveals serious deviations in the tests, the presence of risk factors or chronic accompanying diseases, there can be organized additional tests or treatment for the accompanying diseases. Depending on the problem, there can be prescribed MRT, EEG, ultrasound, x-ray, endoscopy and analyses of the concentration of drugs and narcotics, as well as examinations by cardiologists, neurologists, endocrinologists, specialists in infectious diseases etc. Additional tests are not included in the price of this treatment package. They are paid additionally.

Psychostimulants addiction program

The next step is the start of the treatment, which involves treatment by infusions and the Neuro-Jet device. Infusions include multivitamins, minerals and a complex of amino acids combined in such a way as to enhance metabolism and appetite. This treatment will give back to patients the power they need to continue the therapy, because our treatment at our clinic is intense and therefore effective. The Neuro-Jet device emits soft vibrating electric waves through connectors located on the neck area of the patient. The treatment is completely painless. It contributes to the regulation of dopamine and endorphins in the body, as well to overcoming the first stages of the crises, when the patient quits the substance.


Throughout the treatment, patients have the support of our physiotherapists. It is proven that physiotherapy gives excellent results in combination with our therapies. The body needs support, in order to go through all the procedures that our clinic offers to patients. It helps to relieve stress and accelerates the blood flow through the body, accelerating thus the flow of the medication in the patient’s body. In that way, the treatment provides faster and better effect.

The last in the series of therapeutic procedures is the aversive therapy. This therapy includes pharmacological substances, in order to create natural aversion to drugs and disgust for their use.

Anti-relapse outpatient support. This is one of the most important stages for the complete recovery of the addict in order to preserve treatment results. The clinic will be in contact with the patient and his/her family for at least one year. During this period patient will follow the action plan and learn a new way of life, while taking the supportive medical therapy. Also, the patient will periodically come to a regular check-ups which will help the patient feel safe and comfortable. This ensures a high success rate of treatment.